Stream and surf the web, watch your favorite news and entertainment channels, or do both.
Just get your Starter Kit and pay as you go. It's that easy.
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    Choose Flexibility

    No credit check. No annual contract.
    No monthly bill. No worries.

    Just hassle-free, pay-as-you-go service.
    Get the quality and reliability
    of XFINITY® Internet and TV.

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    How It Works

    Your one-time Starter Kit purchase has everything
    you need to get connected, including all components,
    a getting started guide and an activation code for
    30 days of service.

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    Refill Your Account Anytime

    When your first 30 days are up, just refill your time
    with a credit or debit card online, by calling
    855-75-PREPAID, or by purchasing a refill code
    at a participating retailer.

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    All the HD Channels You Need

    Exact channel lineup varies by location.
    For details, call 855-75-PREPAID

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