Prepaid Internet

Start the school year off right with fast and reliable pay-as-you-go Internet + WiFi. Get Prepaid Internet with download speeds of up to 20 Mbps*. Plus, add Prepaid Instant TV service to stream live TV shows and more.
for 30 days of service
+ $35 one-time equipment and start-up fee
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No long-term commitment, no deposit, and no credit check.
Internet Package

The Xfinity Prepaid Internet Starter Kit is all you need to start surfing, streaming, shopping, and sharing to all your devices for your first 30 days.

Refill as you go - online or with cash in store

$45 for up to 30 days of service

$15 for up to 7 days of service

Buy online or buy in store

How fast is 20 Mbps?

A potential download speed of up to 20 Mbps should help to support an excellent web surfing experience. Actual speeds may vary and are not guaranteed.

How do I get Prepaid Internet?

Purchase the Starter Kit online or in a retail store near you, which includes a Wireless Gateway, all necessary cords and cables, and 30 days of Xfinity Prepaid Internet service. Note: although you may receive an activation code in your Starter Kit, it is no longer needed to activate your service. Simply create an account and activate at

How do I refill my service?

You can easily refill your service with a credit or debit card online at or by purchasing a refill at a participating retailer.