Setup & Activation:
Do I need a computer?

You will need to provide a WiFi enabled device such as a computer, smart phone or tablet. The Internet Prepaid Starter Kit includes a Wireless Gateway (modem and router in one), coax cable, Ethernet cable and power cord. To establish a direct connection, rather than using WiFi, use the Ethernet cable to get a wired connection.

Can I use my existing Wireless Gateway?

No, Xfinity Prepaid Internet service can only be accessed through the Wireless Gateway included in your Starter Kit. The Xfinity Wireless Gateway included in the Prepaid Instant TV kit can still be used if you subscribe to Xfinity non-Prepaid Internet service by contacting Comcast.

What type of Internet speed will I get?

Xfinity Prepaid Internet service offers up to 50 Mbps of download speed and up to 5 Mbps of upload speed. Actual speeds may vary and are not guaranteed.

Do I own the equipment?

Yes. You own the Wireless Gateway, cords and cables when you purchase the Starter Kit.

How do I refill my service?

There are a few easy ways you can refill your service:

For your privacy, our Customer Care representatives can no longer accept refill payments over the phone.

To keep your service active without refilling manually, you can use a credit, debit or prepaid card to set up AutoRefill online at .

Do I have to sign a long-term contract?

There are no long-term contracts with Xfinity Prepaid Service. And we don't require a credit check or ask for a Social Security number. Xfinity Prepaid Service is subject to the Terms and Conditions included in your Starter Kit and available on this website.

Do I need to have a credit card?

You can purchase your Xfinity Prepaid Internet Starter Kit online using credit, debit and prepaid cards. You can also purchase a Starter Kit and refills at a local retail location using cash.

Can I auto-refill my service?

Yes. You can sign up for auto-refill online at with a credit card.

What is the Limited Warranty?

If the equipment (“Equipment”) included with the Starter Kit (“Kit”) fails due to a defect in materials or workmanship, or normal wear and tear (“Operational Failure”), Comcast will replace the Equipment with other Equipment (“Replacement Equipment”). To receive Replacement Equipment you must notify Comcast within thirty (30) days of the date of purchase by calling 855-757-7372 and following the return procedures provided when you call. THERE IS NO ASSURANCE, REPRESENTATION, OR GUARANTEE THAT ANY REPLACEMENT EQUIPMENT WILL BE IDENTICAL. The Replacement Equipment will be refurbished Equipment. You hereby assign to Comcast all rights and benefits of any manufacturer’s warranty or other ancillary coverage relating to any Equipment that Comcast replaces.

Xfinity ID:
Why do I need an Xfinity ID?

To make sure everyone gets the same smooth, secure experience, we’re requiring all customers to create an Xfinity ID.

Creating one is quick and easy—plus, it allows you to manage your account anytime, from anywhere, with a single login:

  • Refill your services on the go.
  • Check your expiration dates.
  • Make payments.
  • Add new channel packs to your Prepaid Instant TV service.
  • Find retailers nearby.
  • Keep up with the latest offerings and promotions.
What is an Xfinity ID?

Your Xfinity ID gives you access to everything from managing your account to enjoying your entertainment. Your ID can be your email address, the mobile phone number you use to sign in, or your username.

Can I use my previous login info?

No, you’ll need to create an Xfinity ID.

In the past, you may have created an 8-digit pin that you used with your phone number to log in to your Xfinity Prepaid Services account. You will no longer be able to log in using that information.

To access and manage your account, you must create an Xfinity ID, which will allow you to log in using your email address and a new password of your choice.

How do I know if I already have an Xfinity ID?

If you’re not sure whether or not you’ve already created an Xfinity ID, you have two options:

  1. Try to create an Xfinity ID.
  2. Try to log in.

In either case, you’ll be prompted to enter your information and the system will detect whether that information is already associated with an existing Xfinity ID.

If it is, we’ll prompt you to log in. There are options to help you retrieve or change your password along the way in case you forgot yours.

If the system does not detect an existing Xfinity ID associated with your information, just follow the instructions to create one.

Need to create an Xfinity ID?

If you don’t yet have an Xfinity ID, you can create one.

You’ll need to self-identify by providing any of the following:

  • Comcast account number and street address, or
  • Comcast account number and phone number, or
  • Last four digits of your Social Security Number, date of birth and phone number.
  • Click the triangle icon next to Use Social Security Number (last 4 digits) to reveal date of birth and phone number.

Note: If you're an Xfinity Internet customer accessing the tool from your home, you'll only be asked for the phone number associated with your account.

Use the online password reset tool to change or reset your password.

I forgot my Xfinity ID or password.

Your Xfinity ID is typically your email or mobile phone number. If you don’t remember your Xfinity ID, you can look it up with the online lookup tool.

Are there any requirements to get the service?

You must be at least 18 years of age, live in a Comcast-ready home, and be in an area where this service is offered. Also, your address cannot have an active Comcast or Xfinity account. Check here to see if Xfinity Prepaid Service is currently available at your address.

What if I'm already a Comcast customer?

Xfinity Prepaid Service cannot be used at an address that has active service with Comcast.

What if I no longer need my equipment or want to recycle it?

Should you need to return your Comcast equipment or if you no longer need the device, please drop it off at a Customer Service Center or Xfinity Store. Find a Customer Service Center or Xfinity Store location near you.